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Monday, September 16, 2013

What do I need to know about buying a new Firearm?

Recently I was asked by two people I know about certain things pertaining to buying a new Firearm. And I got to thinking about how hard it can be even with so much information out there to filter it down into what exactly you’re looking for. So I decided to take a few moments and write a summary of a few things that might help in your contemplation.
So let me start just by saying that by no means is this the way you have to do this and it is entirely my own opinion. This is what I use when considering adding a new member to my collection.
So let us begin. I have 5 criteria that I use to when making a choice. 1) Accuracy 2) Part Availability 3) Caliber Choices 4) Feel in the Hand 5) Customization. Most everything you consider about a Gun can come under these 5 labels.

1)      When you are looking consider the guns inherent accuracy. Most all Guns manufacturers especially the larger ones have information on fixed firing. This is done by taking the weapon and firing it from a fixed vise so that it gives Human Error free results.  This is helpful because it tells you that with the proper technique and amount of skill that this weapon is capable of a certain level of accuracy. However it doesn't matter if it is the a Junker from a yard sale or a custom built gun over $10,000 the operator will always be a weak point in any weak points of a weapon.

2)      Part Availability is a very large part of making a choice when I am looking for a new addition. You don’t want to get a gun that you can't get repaired if the unthinkable happens and any of you who go hunting or to the range a lot you know what I am talking about. The ability to find parts is very important. The 2nd part of this is part attainability, doesn’t do you much good either if the parts are out there but you can’t get them for 2 years and yes that does happen.

3)      Caliber choice this is going to be the longest of the sections because there are a lot of things to consider. So we will save this for the full post about this. But I will say this that there has always seemed at least to me anyway that there is a strong correlation between caliber size and game size. Smaller Game you want to use a smaller caliber, larger game use a larger caliber. Makes sense don’t it!

4)      Feel in the hand to me is the most important part when buying and only part of this that can’t be done by talking. In my own shopping experiences the only way I will put money down is if I hold it, feel it, shoulder it, grip it all my in my very own wittle hands. This is why we have Gun stores so put your kids on the leash and go bug a salesmen.

5)      This has a different meaning to just about everyone. And is more than likely in the top 10 things people get in heated discussion over about guns. Customization has a lot of different meanings but my own definition is what can be done to make it shoot better. There are triggers, barrels, bedding, lapping, accurizing, crowning, porting, compensating, and the list goes on and on and on. But it’s all about personal preference and taste. It’s kind of like your choice of Sweet treats everyone has their favorites but they are all still sweets.

These are the 5 that I use when I am choosing a new weapon. By no means is this the only way of doing it. This just happens to be my way.  So in the following posts I will expound on what I have summarized here so keep it on this same PhillBilly channel for next weeks episode.

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