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"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" ~ Philippians 4:6

"I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me" ~ Philippians 4:13

Monday, January 13, 2014

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty? Is it a feeling is? Is is a label? Is it an emotion?

From my experience Beauty is all three and much more. Though it seems now days that Beauty is more of a marketing scheme than an actual term of endearment. We are constantly under bombardment from Television, magazines, movies, fashion shows, people, outlet stores etc... Every where you look there is someone's idea of Beauty and of what we as people should make ourselves look like. Well that  (excuse my extremely Southern choice of words) is "hog wash". We as human beings shouldn't let someone you don't even know, let alone are really even sure exists (mean a marketing scheme), tell us what we should look like and what we should wear and how we should act in a never ending attempt to feel Beautiful. I see young girls everyday that are wearing enough make up to paint a portrait of themselves on canvas. Or they are wearing clothes that don't leave much to wonder about. And no, I am not saying that you can't wear what you want to wear. All I am saying is that most of use don't want to know your choice of your underwear style or color.

All these things that people say and people wear and people do to make themselves feel Beautiful are just that: what people do. We try so hard to compensate for what our heart and mind lack by putting on the latest color or style or brand when the only thing we need to make ourselves feel real Beauty is the Love of God. That Love will never leave you it will never forsake you. He will always find you Beautiful and he will always be there to remind you of how Beautiful you are and where is counts. Now I know this is a sensitive subject, but God made you the way you are supposed to be. No magazine or a TV show can change that. All that needs to happen is for you to see Him.

Blessings to all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What do I need to know about buying a new Firearm?

Recently I was asked by two people I know about certain things pertaining to buying a new Firearm. And I got to thinking about how hard it can be even with so much information out there to filter it down into what exactly you’re looking for. So I decided to take a few moments and write a summary of a few things that might help in your contemplation.
So let me start just by saying that by no means is this the way you have to do this and it is entirely my own opinion. This is what I use when considering adding a new member to my collection.
So let us begin. I have 5 criteria that I use to when making a choice. 1) Accuracy 2) Part Availability 3) Caliber Choices 4) Feel in the Hand 5) Customization. Most everything you consider about a Gun can come under these 5 labels.

1)      When you are looking consider the guns inherent accuracy. Most all Guns manufacturers especially the larger ones have information on fixed firing. This is done by taking the weapon and firing it from a fixed vise so that it gives Human Error free results.  This is helpful because it tells you that with the proper technique and amount of skill that this weapon is capable of a certain level of accuracy. However it doesn't matter if it is the a Junker from a yard sale or a custom built gun over $10,000 the operator will always be a weak point in any weak points of a weapon.

2)      Part Availability is a very large part of making a choice when I am looking for a new addition. You don’t want to get a gun that you can't get repaired if the unthinkable happens and any of you who go hunting or to the range a lot you know what I am talking about. The ability to find parts is very important. The 2nd part of this is part attainability, doesn’t do you much good either if the parts are out there but you can’t get them for 2 years and yes that does happen.

3)      Caliber choice this is going to be the longest of the sections because there are a lot of things to consider. So we will save this for the full post about this. But I will say this that there has always seemed at least to me anyway that there is a strong correlation between caliber size and game size. Smaller Game you want to use a smaller caliber, larger game use a larger caliber. Makes sense don’t it!

4)      Feel in the hand to me is the most important part when buying and only part of this that can’t be done by talking. In my own shopping experiences the only way I will put money down is if I hold it, feel it, shoulder it, grip it all my in my very own wittle hands. This is why we have Gun stores so put your kids on the leash and go bug a salesmen.

5)      This has a different meaning to just about everyone. And is more than likely in the top 10 things people get in heated discussion over about guns. Customization has a lot of different meanings but my own definition is what can be done to make it shoot better. There are triggers, barrels, bedding, lapping, accurizing, crowning, porting, compensating, and the list goes on and on and on. But it’s all about personal preference and taste. It’s kind of like your choice of Sweet treats everyone has their favorites but they are all still sweets.

These are the 5 that I use when I am choosing a new weapon. By no means is this the only way of doing it. This just happens to be my way.  So in the following posts I will expound on what I have summarized here so keep it on this same PhillBilly channel for next weeks episode.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Firm steps that stumble but not Fall

We all have battles that we fight daily. We all struggles that we must stare in the eye and over come. Demons plague us with their lies of fear and self destruction; whispering that we are failing or we are going to fail. Well they are wrong you have a force on your side that it more powerful and full of grace and mercy than anything you can imagine. God is watching over and protecting you all you need to do is reach out for him. That’s all, just reach out he is there waiting for you to open your hand and he will take you and pull you near him. When you grab onto him you find a peace and a comfort that you have never known and a strength that is so massive there is nothing you feel like you can’t do. So if you struggling with a battle and you just can’t defeat it reach out for him he’s there waiting. If you are fighting and you have already reached out just keep reaching out and keep holding onto him. Seek him daily in his Word and Prayer. Praise him and give him glory and seek him and you will be rewarded with peace of mind and spirit. You will have the strength to defeat your advisory and overcome the battle that you have been fighting.
If you have been fighting your battle for a while and your slip up and fall back or repeat something you’re trying to stop. Don’t quit. You haven’t failed you. You haven’t washed away everything you have accomplished you are not back at square one. As long as you keep walking the way you know is the path to the betterment of yourself and His Kingdom then you’ve not failed.  You only fail when you give up and you quit. You can only loose what you have accomplished when you turn around and walk the opposite way; back down the path you came. You simply go to the Lord and have time with him in His Word and Prayer. Then you pick up where you are and keep moving.  You are not at the beginning again you are as far as you have come as it says in Psalms 37:23,24
23 The Lord makes firm the steps 
of the one who delights in him;
24 Though he may stumble, he will not fall, 
for the Lord holds him up with his hand.

Seek the Lord daily in His Word and Prayer.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Moments of Stillness

Over the past week I have been thinking about a lot of things in my life, going through them, and praying about them. All of which culminated into a point where I had a moment this morning of complete stillness and silent. In that moment what I felt was a sense of finality. There are times in our lives where God speaks to us and tells us like the little children we are that we ought not to be playing with these things and to move on from them before we get hurt. And like stubborn children we ignore him and continue to play with them. Well I had one of those still moments this morning. In that moment I felt exactly what he had been trying to tell me all along. In this place there isn’t anything for me. I am not going to succeed here. I am only going to aid in the succession of others and there is a better place for me. Yes, I have to take a moment now and fall back a little bit and regroup, but in the future there will be more out there. There will be a better place that can aid in my future and push me through to the other side.  I will stand on the shoulders of my God. He will see me through to the other side. He is my refuge and strength guiding me through the dark times in my life always. He is always leading me and giving me the strength to do the things I need to and to make the difference in what I believe.  “I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the lord” this is my current call to worship. So let the Lord talk to you and give you guidance. If he is telling you to do something, maybe you should listen. You might find that it won’t look like it will be better, but trust in him and he will see you through.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wild in the Heart: More than a kill Pt 2

The Savannah grass swayed with the wind as it lifted the wheat-like smell up in the air; heat from the sun beat down on the plains mercilessly and unrelenting. Still early in the morning the birds calling to welcome the return of the light after the dark of the moonless night. Like the large feline predators of this land the hunter sits in the grass waiting with his weapon in hand surveying the almost portrait like scene in front of him. Sweat rolled from his forehead to his chin, dripping onto the sand below where he sat. He heard the call of the Baboon off in the distance as they fought each other for scraps. Off in the distance there was a large herd of Wilda-beast grazing gently and though they looked oblivious to everything they were fully aware of their surroundings and waiting for the slightest unknown factor. There must have been a thousand or more in this herd and he saw quite a few small ones near the center of the mass. In an around the heard was also a few Antelope and Zebra and a few of what he was here after. Large and ugly but some how delicate and beautiful was one the most deadly of all of the hunts on the Dark Continent, the Cape Buffalo. There was about 6 of them grazing no further than 100 yards from him. He turned and felt the grass blow against him and he prays that the wind doesn't shift and blow his scent right at them. It blows hard and the grass still sways and he looses sight of them for a moment and then he sees them again. His prayers answered the wind didn't shift it blew straight at him and the herd still grazed unaware of his presence and he relaxed a little more. One of the bulks of muscles moved slowly towards him closing the distance. Looking over his shoulder at the fella sitting next to him the hunter pointed and motioned to the large bull that was moving closer. His guide nodded and handed him the shooting stick. The hunter took the stick and placed the stock of the rifle in the crook. He pulled the wooden stock in close to his shoulder and placed his cheek in the same spot he had done a thousand times and the heat from the sun was radiating from the stock. Looking down the barrel of the rifle he could see the Bull coming closer and closer moving its mountainous muscles with little to no effort to move himself as though he were gliding along the plains carried by the wind. The rifle was hot and heavy in his hands but the stick took most of the weight. He pulled tight and felt the checkered grip bite into his hand and the rubber on his stock squish into his shoulder. Breathing slowly and steadily, in through his nose and out through his mouth and concentrated but not on the Bull, but, rather on the front sight. The Bull was a little blurry out in the distance but the front sight was clear as a bell in front of him. The animal bounced a long at a steady pace for another 10 yards and then came to a stop. He raised his head and looked around before he bent his neck and began to graze once more. Sweating still, but not so much from the heat now but rather the adrenaline rushing in his veins waiting for the shot to come clear. He steadied himself bracing for the recoil of the rifle that he had learned through practice and other hunts this rifle sporting it two barrels side by side one of large and one of smaller caliber though larger than normal hunters use. He front sight was now so clear and he had been staring at it for so long now that it had be become a black abyss that was swallowing it entire being. He focused and concentrated on it until he felt at though the rifle wasn't even there and then as the Bull turned to his broad side the wind stopped. The Hunter squeezed the trigger to the back of the guard and the rifle slid back into his shoulder. The power absorbed by his body and jarred the breath he has been holding out of him. The Herd was on the feet and churning at full power toward the crest of the hill charging all out. But one wasn't with the rest, he was staggering to and fro trying to stay on his feet. Soon he was on his front knees and the not long he was on his back knees and then on his side. The hunter loaded another round into the large bore of the weapon and headed toward the large creature. They gazed at each other as he approached it. Those black eyes blinking with wonder at what was happening. But the light was fading even now, Soon there would be no more light and this great bulk of muscle and bone would leave this world behind and soon be in another place. The hunter lowered his rifle from his shoulder and eased the hammer forward to the safe position. There was no need this great beast wouldn't be getting up ever again. Then as quickly as his eyes had opened on his day of birth the Bull's eyes closed for a final time and as he faded the Hunter gave thanks to the Bull for laying down his life to feed him and his family.

Friday, August 31, 2012

A Culmination of Things...

I said in my introduction that I wouldn't be making large, long winded, commentaries on the way in which life is and how Humans deal with their lives. However, as of late I have had feelings that are new and strange to me. I have a closeness to Christ that I haven't had in a very long time and I feel it growing stronger everyday and I find myself needing to spend time in closeness with him, I actually long for it; a new concept to me for sure.  As, well being raised in the Environment that I was, a sense of strong morality and ethics was not instilled so I turned to seeking guidance from others and I found beliefs  that that I am sure have shaped me to be who I am. I first clung to the teachings of Bushido and the Samurai code, next was the Chivalry of the Knights in the middle ages, and then when I couldn't find any that filled the gap I clung to these even harder, but, I began to develop my own morals and ethics and which led me to discover a hard heart, strong will, and a twisted sense of things. Lying, manipulation, violence, and strong language that was meant for the sole purpose to cause pain, shock, or grieve to others intentionally. I delighted in this. Over the last four years since the confrontation about my how my youth and childhood was presided over by my parents I have begun a road to where I am now, I have done my best to make repairs and for those relationships that I destroyed I have tried to reconcile with and in some cases have regained a new found strength in them. Despite what is thought by my society in my area my life and the life that was lived in front of people was not a cry for attention it was a cry for help and aid that was finally answered. Now sitting here writing this I finally have the conviction to tell these things. You might think this is strange and you might thing I am crazy for this but I wanted to Thank all of my friends who walked away from me. Yes Thank! I truly mean this not sarcastically, I am honest. If you hadn't walked away from me I would have never realized what was wrong and would have admitted that something was wrong and have begun to correct it. In the last year some event transpired that have led me to now and one in which has most recently occurred I reaffirmed my relationship with Christ and now I am seeking to be closer to him and gain a solid ground that I was never provided. Those of you who know me will know this phrase "your constitution". I gained this phrase form a college professior of mine, he taught me that a constitution isn't something that is just for nations or a large group of people with a goal in mind, but, rather everyone has a personal constitution that governs their lives. Things that they uphold and things the do not, things they are willing to do and things they are not. The question is what will your constitution allow you to do. Its asking could you really? I am at a point now where I feel as though my constitution has given me the ability to say life is truly beginning for me and that the path that was meant to be before me is finally taking shape. Like the rest of the human race I honestly don't know the end and I hope I never do I hope and pray that my life will be full of many adventures and excitement which I know it will but I pray and hope even harder that I have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it. I am happy to say that I am Saved and happy to be so. Thank you for everyone of you that had an impact on my life whether it was positive, negative, or just making face myself because they have all led here. 

With much love, Thank you. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild in the Heart: More than a kill Pt 1

 The morning was cold. Fresh snow of the night before made a dull crunching sound as a pair of feet sank into the deep drifts. His hot heavy breath made white and clear by the coldness of the air as he exhaled into the little bit of light that was out while the sun awoke from behind the horizon of the spruce covered mountains. His rifle slung on shoulder and his spotting scope in hand he stopped every few feet to scan the tree line for any signs of movement; the wind picked up from behind him, quickly he squatted to his knees in the snow to try and minimize the strength of the scent that was now blowing up wind. Then a sound rang throughout the mountain side, a sound that made his very core shake with excitement and anxiety, a sound that he had long to hear since he was a child when he heard it last. The call of a bull Elk, a call that was clear and strong, a call that gave no misinterpretations of its meaning, a call meant to let every creature in his territory know that he was present and willing to defend his right to it.
He dropped to the ground though he was sitting chest deep in the snow, pulling his scope up to his eye and scanning for the source of the call. Just below an opening in the forest half way up a mountain side about 400 yards from him was a grand specimen of a bull, standing proud in the morning haze. He could see the heat of creature in its breath as he could his own even from this distance, he hastily widen the hole in which he was seated while he removed his rifle and backpack. Laying the pack on the surface of the snow and the rifle on top of it he adjusted himself and the rifle until he had a clear view of the Elk.  Again and again it bellowed its’ high pitched bugle across the range echoing off into the distance. Slowly breathing and focusing on the target, his heart beginning to the reach a steady beat that was rhythmic in pace. He inhaled deeply then letting half of it out while holding the rest he place the cross hairs firmly on the side of his targets chest and waiting until all the factors were correct for the shot, he applied presser as evenly as possible to the trigger until the gun fired with a loud crack that rang throughout the mountain tops. The Elk shook as the bullet pierced his side, he staggered in his footsteps for what felt like an eternity to the hunter, when he was too weak to stand he bowed his head to the ground and then lowering himself over to his side he quietly excepted his fate and laid down to close his eyes for the last time.
When the hunter reached his kill he knelt down and thanked the Elk for giving its life so that he may feed his family and provide the nourishment to make it through this harsh cold. For the killing of an animal in the pursuit of food is sacred and no one should ever take it for granted this is a concept by which all men can and should live.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Introduction to what this blog is about!

Well first of all I am not here to pelt you will problems, issues, complaints, or anything negative. This is simply just a place for me to get do what I have been doing for years: which is telling stories. Now they won't all be fiction nor will they all be truths and by no means am I going to be writing a novel if I can help it. No, My intent is more of a whats on the mind kinda thing; maybe an experience or a funny moment or just how I did at the range today. If you like what I have to say then I am happy if not oh well you can't please everyone and I wish all of you the best.